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CROATIA CRUISE - Gulets (Sailing ships)

If you want to get away from your daily routine, then take advantage of Croatia’s treasures and embark on an unforgettable CROATIA CRUISE. Why? Because CROATIA CRUISE means more than just spending time on a boat and enjoying the clear sea – it means a stress-free holiday, enjoying and experiencing more than a thousand islands and islets and countless coves. Every cove, beach and stone will make you want to touch it and become part of that place. And that is exactly what can happen – become part of the beautiful small villages on the islands, meet the local inhabitants, their customs, way of life and centuries old traditions.

You can sail even further into the past on GULETS: old-fashioned sailing ships.

CROATIA CRUISE (Sailing ships)

GULETS are beautiful, wooden sailing ships which served as merchant and cargo ships in the past, and have been completely renovated for your pleasure, with their comfort, facilities, appearance and interesting history.

CROATIA CRUISE is a luxurious vacation intended for you and your family or friends. A gulet can accommodate 10 - 12 people in 5 – 6 cabins with their own toilets and showers and a personal crew. As well as accommodation, a crew and a several hours of sailing every day, a gulet cruise allows you to try indigenous Dalmatian dishes, with the choice of full or half board. Although the menus and routes are set in advance, you can discuss your own ideas with the captain, tailoring your dream holiday to your own requirements.

If you want to experience the same atmosphere while meeting new people, you can book a cabin charter on a gulet (6 – 15 cabins). You will enjoy the large cruiser social experience in an intimate way.

Gulets are available departing from several harbours, (Sibenik, Zaton, Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik) so you can experience different parts of the Croatian coastline.


SIBENIK – a city with a rich history, located on the central Croatian Adriatic coast, on the estuary of the River KRKA, which is also a national park, with a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Our gulet, the Agora, takes you on a pleasant trip with the opportunity of visiting the unique archipelago of the Šibenik area and Kornati National Park - a unique group of Dalmatian limestone islands and rocks.

ZATON – situated deep in a bay where the sea is calm and the village tranquil, Zaton is the location of a small fleet of gullets: Blue Star, Morning Star, Kraljica Jadrana, Ser, Ostro, Siroko and Pulenat. You can enjoy a pleasant Adriatic cruise in each of them, accompanied by a professional crew and top quality chef. Another reason for choosing to cruise out of Zaton is Mother Nature herself - not far from Zaton is the splendid River Krka, with an abundance of flora and fauna, and the fascinating limestone archipelago of Kornati National Park.
If you want to see the central Dalmatian islands (Brac, Hvar, Vis) or even go all the way down to Dubrovnik, our gulets can take this route.
Even closer is TROGIR, from where the central Dalmatian archipelago is within easy reach.

TROGIR – a small town, but a big tourist destination, with a rich, lively history. The historical old city of Trogir was declared a cultural monument in 1997, making it an even bigger tourist attraction. Split airport is close by, which is certainly an advantage.
The beauty of Trogir is enriched by numerous gulets which will take you from Trogir harbour on your Adriatic cruise: Andi, Andi Star, Blue Nose, and Nostalgija are just a few of them. You can also set out gulet cruising from Split.

SPLIT – is the largest city in Dalmatia, and the second largest in Croatia. Situated beneath Marjan Hill, within the walls of a 1700 year-old palace, is a city which many regard as the “most beautiful city in the world”. The beautiful greenery of Marjan and the nearby Jadro and Zrnovnica Rivers, bathed in a warm Mediterranean climate, make Split forever young.
These gullets are based in Split: Fortuna, Fortuna Dalmata, Sinbadsan, Libra, Jadranska Kraljica, Barbara, Angelica, Atlantia and many more. The most common route taken is through the central Dalmatian islands: Solta, Brac, Hvar, Vis, or further, to Lastovo, Korcula, Mljet, or all the way down to Dubrovnik.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Flotilla sailing Croatia

A flotilla is a group of boats sailing together under the supervision of a lead boat operated by the charter company.
Flotillas are arranged so that singles, couples and small groups who don’t know each other can join together and form a flotilla of 5 to 10 boats. Lead boat crew is always nearby in case someone needs assistance during trip and also to recommend the best anchorages, harbours, restaurants and places to visit. Although there is an experienced skipper on the lead boat, at least one person on each boat is required to have an internationally recognized sailing certificate.
Every morning a briefing takes place in which all skippers together discuss route of that day, flotilla leader gives useful tips about it and weather report. Flotilla leader is more of a nautical companion and source of information than an entertainer. On the way a lead boat can be contacted by VHF, an easy-to-handle sender/receiver radio transmitter.
All boats follow the same route which provides the opportunity for swimming, snorkelling, relaxing and sunbathing. They are sailing independently but can always refer back to the lead boat. Evening can be spend without the group because they are no social obligations, but often the group finds itself together to eat and drink and share experiences of the day.
For many the social element of meeting up with likeminded crews from the other flotilla yachts is both reassuring and fun.

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Team building on the sea

Since ancient times, unity of spirit has characterised the sea and fearless sailors, and team building programme on the sea offers co-existence with colleagues and with nature.

Although it is a special experience sailing the Adriatic alone or with your closest friends, experiencing its beauties with your colleagues and business partners can be a completely new challenge. Prepare your team for their next business challenge by experiencing this unique combination of the sea and nature. Exchange your work space for a beautiful yacht or gulet and the crystal clear Adriatic. Transform your tedious business conversations into more pleasant ones through socialising and the challenges offered by the sea.

Depending on the goals you have set for your team, you have option to spend your team building on the yacht or on the gulet.

Yachting team building is more active and physically demanding, full of real challenges. Arrive knowing little about sailing and leave with a full understanding of how great teamwork makes a yacht move better and faster.

Gulet is luxurious wooden motor sailor boat, designed specifically for cruising. With gulet team building you leave the sailing responsibilities to the crew and dedicate time to yourself, your team and the goals you have set.

Besides Adriatic sailing, team building project might also include some interesting active excursions: rafting, canyoning, canoe safari, trekking, hiking, free climbing, paintball, riding… Also, there is possibility to include in the team building visit to a farmhouse where you can help in the preparation of traditional Croatian dish „soparnik“, learn to play bocce, or just enjoy sitting by a fireplace and drinking wine from a wooden jug.

If your goal is to improve relationships between groups and to improve business efficiency spending time together in the nature – team building on the sea is one of the best options for your team. Contact Orvas Yachting and start you adventure!