Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Flotilla sailing Croatia

A flotilla is a group of boats sailing together under the supervision of a lead boat operated by the charter company.
Flotillas are arranged so that singles, couples and small groups who don’t know each other can join together and form a flotilla of 5 to 10 boats. Lead boat crew is always nearby in case someone needs assistance during trip and also to recommend the best anchorages, harbours, restaurants and places to visit. Although there is an experienced skipper on the lead boat, at least one person on each boat is required to have an internationally recognized sailing certificate.
Every morning a briefing takes place in which all skippers together discuss route of that day, flotilla leader gives useful tips about it and weather report. Flotilla leader is more of a nautical companion and source of information than an entertainer. On the way a lead boat can be contacted by VHF, an easy-to-handle sender/receiver radio transmitter.
All boats follow the same route which provides the opportunity for swimming, snorkelling, relaxing and sunbathing. They are sailing independently but can always refer back to the lead boat. Evening can be spend without the group because they are no social obligations, but often the group finds itself together to eat and drink and share experiences of the day.
For many the social element of meeting up with likeminded crews from the other flotilla yachts is both reassuring and fun.

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