Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula, unique and magnificent, around which the Adriatic Sea has deeply etched itself into the land, sprinkling its jagged coastline with a thousand lagoons and islands, andsurrounded in the northeast by the Ćićarija and Učka mountains, Istria is prepared to reveal its thousand years of history to the chance traveller.
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Traces of human life in Istria date back to the prehistoric times. The first know inhabitants of Istria were the Histri, from whom Istria received its name. Numerous peoples and cultures, from Romantimes to today, have left evidence of their cultures in the architecture, wall painting and in the rich church architecture.
Valuable monuments of religious and secular architecture have been preserved from all periods.
Istria is spread over 2,820 square kilometers, with great diversity, from its interior with its gorgeous towns which seem to have sprouted up on the tops of the hills, fertile fields, rocky mountains, to the coast pounded by the clear sea.
The climate is a pleasant mediterranean one with mild winters and warm summers. The sea is good for swimming from May until the end of September.

High quality accommodation is available in a variety of tourist offerings. Lovers of the outdoors have numerous camp grounds at their disposal along the entire coastline.
Each guest will be able to select something for himself or herself from the rich cultural and entertainment offerings available and the many sports and recreational grounds and facilities will satisfy even the choosiest. The good road, sea and air links with continental Croatia and with Europe will enable a speedy and safe arrival to your destination.