Thursday, February 03, 2005

Agritourism Istria

The internal Istriens has a large number of points, where you can carry out such, nowadays ever more popular, aspect of holidays.
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There is a large accommodation rushing choice, where something determines you according to your taste will find: Farms and agrotouristishe family hotels, hotels, rooms and apartments, in the style of traditional istrischen or modern architecture built, and Oeko accommodations.
Do you have more time and do want to run away from the city? Then one of the many agroturistichen households for you is correct. Here the hosts will regale you with house-made native products.
A good type vomit you a good vacation find konnen. Thus the contact on our web page you can use, in order directly, without accepting mediators, with the owner of house, with a hotel, with a camping site, with dipping center or another sport club contact.