Saturday, February 26, 2005

Istria Terra Magica Bike marathon

Dear sports friends, it is our great pleasure to announce the international cycling manifestation Off Road Cup Grand Prix Windtex arriving to Istria in its 5th edition.
Off Road Cup Grand Prix Windtex comprises eight especially chosen and most attractive MTB races in Italy organized between April and the end of September, followed by mid-October manifestation of giving awards of the entire prize fund. One of the races will be organized outside Italy for the first time, on Sunday 24 April, Vrsar will be the host of the second race or the Istria Terra Magica Bike marathon.
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Along with the promotion of the entire manifestation, there will be simultaneous presentations of the towns hosting the races, as well as a presentation of cycling as a sport representing principles of healthy life, fair play, balance between the individual and its surroundings and the society. Windtex is a media event followed by several million TV viewers, with a special experience thanks to the attractive broadcast by SKY television whose crew uses the helicopter along with fixed cameras and cameras on motorcycles.
The marathon, well-known tourist destination very close to western Europe, whose romantic atmosphere used to impress even the famous Casanova, is 67 kilometres long.
The race is listed on the calendar of the World Cycling Federation (UCI) in the class E1. Regarding the fact that this is the race earning world points, we expect strong competition and an exciting race.
For all cyclists, the hotel and catering company Riviera holding prepared special arrangements and affordable prices of accommodation. During the race, sponsors will provide refreshments for the competitors.

24th April 2005
Competition type:
Marathon Istria Terra Magica Bike (UCI E1)
Authorized categories:
Elite, U-23, Women, Sport, Master 1, Master 2, Master 3, Master 4, Hobby-Tourist
Start in Vrsar at 10.30 am
Registration and start fee till 10th April 2005:
Istria Terra Magica Bike (E1) = 20 €
Additional fee from 11th till 22nd April 2005:
Istria Terra Magica Bike (E1) = 25 €
Number assignment:
● Saturday, 23th April 2005 from 12 am till 7 pm directly in the race office at the Hotel Diamant in Poreč,
● Sunday, 24th April 2005 from 7 till 9 pm at the info point at Vrsar
Overall prize purse: 4.330 € cash. Prize purse will be awarded to riders in the following categories: Elite, U-23, Women, Master and Sport. Practical prizes will be awarded to riders in all categories.
Prize giving ceremonies:
● Sunday, 24th April 2005 at the finish lane in Vrsar
President of the Commissaires Panel: Csilla Tam (Hungary)
General rules:
The event applies the mountain bike technical rules of the Croatian Biking Union, the UCI International Mountain Bike Regulations and the general regulations of the UCI. The organizer will not be held accountable for civil and legal responsibilities of the competitors towards third parties. The event will take place regardless the weather conditions.
According to the book of regulations by placing the deposit of 100 kn
More info : Istria Tourist Board and Tourism Department of the Region Istria, Pionirska 1a, HR-52440 Poreč
T. ..385.(0)52.452 500
F. ..385.(0)52.452 811
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