Monday, March 06, 2006

Aquarium Fort Verudela - Pula

Aquarium Pula opened for the first time on 21 Sep 2002. It is set inside the old Austro-Hungarian Fortress in the heart of the Verudela tourist centre, on the Verudela Peninsula . It is dedicated to raising awareness of the sea, with naturally themed habitats depicting the local marine environment. Visits of all kinds of groups including pre-school, school, clubs, senior citizen and community are educationally focused.

Since 2002, the number of tanks has continuously increased and the old tanks were improved and refurbished. A dazzling variety of marine life in realistic habitats is on display in basins with running seawater .

Experience hundreds of sea creatures in 30 special exhibits, including a touching pool. Touch a dogfish , turtle, urchin, crab or sea squirts in our open basin. Discover fish that have burrowed into the sand and mud as well as inhabitants of overgrown and stony areas. Have a look at tiny zooplankton and phytoplankton under the microscope, find out about the deepest reaches of the Mediterranean Sea , currents, colour of the sea, saltwater composition, etc.

The first floor features various exhibitions, such as old fishermen tools, our protected marine organisms and underwater photography by our famous underwater photographer Eduard Strenja. In addition there is plenty of educational material to explore.

Our new feature is a 40m tunnel, leading to the moat where a freshwater pond is situated. The specimens in the pond are varied and typical of the country's rivers and lakes. Within the tunnel we offer refreshments and snacks to visitors.

Apart from guided tours, Pula Aquarium organises playgroups for children. Children are very welcome and can enjoy themselves on the terrace in front of the aquarium, with lots of complementary games. For inquisitive minds, we offer weekly lectures on marine topics. You are welcome to book an appointment to explore laboratory material. Excursions to the beach and sea in our boat can be organised for groups.

Within Aquarium Pula, the first Marine Turtle Rescue Centre in Croatia was opened in 2002. It is dedicated to the implementation of a tagging program in the northern Adriatic Sea, to provide medical treatment for injured turtles, providing a contact mechanism with local fishermen and to promote education and public awareness programs.

Aquarium Pula in Fort Verudela features a spectacular location overlooking Marina Bay , offshore islands, and open sea where our new picnic area is situated.

Working hours: in summer time 9:00 am to 10:00 pm daily in winter time 10 - 17 h weekends

A guided tour for groups, booked in advance, takes approximately 45-60 min.

For further information and tour bookings please contact:

Dr. Milena Mičić 0915682986
Zoran Mičić 0915282320
Aquarium 00385 (52) 381402

Admission 1€ = 7,3 KN approx.

Aquarium Fort Verudela - Pula